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CENTRE is an open source, decentralized crypto-powered consumer payment network

CENTRE Secures $20 million to Bootstrap Foundation
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An internet of value exchange

CENTRE is an open source set of protocols and a network scheme that allows money to flow between wallets just like information between browsers, email between mail services and texts between SMS providers. By removing artificial economic borders, we enable a more efficient and inclusive global marketplace. Download the whitepaper

Open for collaboration

Available for developer contributions globally, the suite includes support for fiat transmittal as well as trust and identity decisions, rules for payment settlement and secure KYC/AML exchange.

Built on proven IP

Bootstrapped by intellectual property contributions from Circle, an early form of these protocols is in production today servicing millions of customers.

Governed independently

CENTRE software implementation will be managed by a new, separate non-profit foundation. It will provide the support, governance and ongoing R&D for the open source project.

The latest

As the CENTRE vision is realized, stay up-to-date on recent announcements, press and software downloads.

CENTRE Secures $20 million to Bootstrap Foundation

CENTRE has closed $20 million in initial funding through a SAFT sale to bootstrap the creation of a non-profit foundation to oversee development of the CENTRE open protocol, services, network, and partnerships. A SAFT, or Simple Agreement for Future Tokens... Read more

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