USD Coin

Introducing USD Coin to the world

USDC is out in the wild, and as more organizations get on board, we want to ensure the brand remains consistent. These assets and guidelines will show you how.

Downloadable brand assets

USD Coin icon


The icon should be used when space is limited, such as on listings, charts or diagrams.

USD Coin logo

Primary logo

The primary logo is based on the US dollar sign and a coin, and the vertical gap conveys stability, balance and equality. It features a dark gray wordmark with a blue and white icon.

USD Coin logo

On dark backgrounds, the wordmark is white.

USD Coin logo

On color backgrounds, the logo is white.


Stable Blue

HEX: #2775CA
RGB: 39, 117, 202

Dark gray

HEX: #4E4E50
RGB: 78, 78, 80

Coin colors

USDC colors mirror the coin’s values. Stable Blue represents stability and confidence, is associated with banks and also stands out in crypto listings. Dark Gray suggests possibilities between a black and white perspective, while remaining neutral.

Logo don’ts

Logo example

Don’t alter proportions

Use the full USD Coin logo as provided.

Logo example

Don’t alter positioning

Do not stack the wordmark and icon. If the full logo doesn’t fit, use the icon only.

Logo example

Don’t distort the logo

Avoid stretching the logo horizontally or vertically.

Logo example

Don’t alter the color

When used in color, USD Coin should always be represented as Stable Blue and Dark Gray.

Logo example

Don’t use with CENTRE assets

USD Coin is a separate brand from CENTRE, and shouldn’t be visually combined.

Logo example

Don’t cobrand

The USDC logo shouldn’t be juxtaposed with other logos.

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