Verite Finance 1

Decentralized identity for crypto finance

Bringing trust, privacy, interoperability and risk mitigation to digital finance

Verite is a set of open-source, decentralized identity protocols that bring trust, privacy, interoperability and risk mitigation to individuals and institutions who participate in the global crypto financial ecosystem.

Drawing on international standards, Centre has taken the lead in developing Verite in consultation with trusted industry leaders in the DeFi, exchange, wallet, and broader crypto ecosystems to solve the identity problems that arise from transacting on-chain.

Verite provides secure, portable, privacy-preserving digital identity attestations, enabling such benefits as KYC compliance and lower DeFi collateral requirements without the need for participants to disclose personal data. Verite’s decentralized architecture reduces risks resulting from the proliferation of identity data and allows individuals and institutions to transact seamlessly over open networks.

Benefits & Opportunities

  • Marketplaces and exchanges validating customer identity without storing large honeypots of personal data
  • Finance becoming more globally inclusive by reducing discrimination in access to financial systems

  • Crypto wallets that meet regulatory obligations (e.g., Travel Rule) without leaking PII

  • Accredited investor credentials unlocking security token exchange

  • FX market compliance strategies for global blockchains

  • Decentralized credit and risk scoring to improve collateralization requirements for on-chain lending

  • NFT provenance tracking when collectibles transition to new owners

  • Insurance credentials unlocking sophisticated DeFi and physical world transactions

  • Artists and other content creators earning privacy-preserving royalty splits as content is distributed

  • End-users controlling how their sensitive information is shared with other people, products, and services rather than having it sold unwittingly

  • Law enforcement detecting and deterring financial crime without hindering innovation